The beach of Bibione

Bibione's beach is particularly suitable for families with children: its south orientation guarantees sun exposure throughout the whole day, from morning to evening. In 2014, Bibione was named the first smoke-free beach in Italy. Along the shore, between the first row of sun umbrellas and the water, there is a smoking ban, which lets tourists fully breathe the healthy and clean air by the sea, ideal not only for children and elderly but for people of every age.
The coast of Bibione is divided into four well-known areas:

  • Bibione Lido dei Pini, also called "Pasotto area", situated between the mouth of the river Tagliamento and the square Piazzale Zenith, characterized by a special walk in the green pine wood leading directly to the lighthouse of Bibione "il Faro";
  • Bibione Spiaggia, which includes the central squares, such as Piazzale Zenith, Piazza Treviso, Piazza Fontana, the main boulevard Viale Aurora, Viale Costellazioni and the spa of Bibione Thermae. It is full of seafront hotels, apartments and residences with swimming pool and holiday homes near the beach.
  • Bibione Lido del Sole, considered from the beach sector "Un posto al sole" (a place under the sun) to the beginning of the area named Bosco Canoro, is rich in holiday homes, apartments and hotels near the beach and beachfront;
  • Bibione Pineda, the last stretch of the beach finishing with the marina called Porto Baseleghe, is the best spot to admire a beautiful natural landscape between the sea and the lagoon, especially towards sunset time.

Every area is easily accessible thanks to comfortable cycle paths that are developed throughout the entire city.
Do not miss the side by side promenade cycle path going from Bibione Lido dei Pini to Bibione Pineda, crossing Bibione Lido del Sole and Bibione Spiaggia. It is ideal for any time of the day, recommended for jogging lovers or for a simple walk, also during winter time.
The beach of Bibione is known not only for the fine and golden sand but for its width of about 400 meters, which guarantees privacy between umbrellas.
Each beach place is distant from next one, favoring intimacy and serenity throughout the day by the sea. There are also 22 rescue workstations, First Aid and Defibrillation Units, with the assistance of medical staffs.
For those who own pets, in Bibione Lido dei Pini, there is a stretch of beach specially equipped for dogs: the Pluto Beach. It features loungers, dog showers, veterinary ambulance and many other services for our four-legged friends. In 2010, this beach sector won the prize as the best dog beach in Italy.